Event Policies

Registration Policy
A Registration must be completed for each individual registrant. 

Cancellation Policy 
All refund requests must be made in writing. Full refunds will be made for Requests received prior to the early rate cutoff date. Requests received between the regular rate date and one week prior to the workshop date will be eligible for a 50% refund. No refunds will be available for requests made within one week of the workshop or after the workshop occurs. Refunds will not be available for weather related cancellation.

By registering for this event/activity/workshop, I give permission and consent to allow photographs and video to be taken during activities sponsored by the Florida Recreation and Park Association (FRPA). I further give permission and consent that any such media may be published and used by FRPA and its agents, to illustrate and promote the association and its programs. I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate with FRPA if I do not wish to be photographed or videoed.

FRPA Conduct Policy for all FRPA Events and Activities 
The Florida Recreation and Park Association recognizes the diversity that exists within our profession, our membership, and those attending FRPA events. As a participant, we want you to enjoy your time at FRPA events and activities. We ask that you join us in encouraging and maintaining the highest professional standards possible at all functions of the Association. Attendees, presenters, vendors, and staff at FRPA events/activities are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner.

Attendees are required to abstain from behavior that reflects poorly on their agency, the Florida Recreation and Park Association, the membership, and fellow attendees. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, actions disrupting the businesslike atmosphere, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate language, failing to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, and activities that endanger yourself and others.

While we do not anticipate these challenges, we do want to be transparent regarding our commitment to assuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all event participants and let you know that misconduct will be addressed with you individually and/or with your employer. Attendees, presenters, vendors, and staff who do not comply with this code of conduct at any event/activity may be removed from said event and barred from attending all future FRPA sponsored or co-sponsored events/activities, and may be subject to having their membership in the Association revoked.

When registering for an event/activity (whether you individually process the registration or designate someone to do that on your behalf) you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the stated policy.

Should you feel in immediate danger and fear for your personal safety or witness a crime being committed, you should contact the appropriate law enforcement officials before contacting our staff.

This policy and process is not intended to override or replace any policy of your employing organization.

The guidance below should apply in situations other than those in which your immediate personal safety is in danger.  Your concern is of paramount importance to the Association, and to the extent possible, your identity will be kept confidential and explicit details of the incident will be confidential to be discussed only with the parties responsible for discharging action.

Virtual Event Policies

To report a concern/complaint:

While attending any event/activity hosted by the Association, should you be disrupted by any behavior of a registered delegate, vendor, speaker, or FRPA Staff, you should immediately contact the FRPA Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  If the CEO is not readily available, contact the FRPA representative in charge of the event/activity who will provide you contact information for the CEO.

The CEO will make note of your concerns and together with you, will develop a plan of action, which may include notifying the FRPA Board of Directors who is responsible for discharging action in these cases, or if the incident rises to the level, notifying the appropriate law enforcement or security personnel.

Depending on the complexity of the concern/complaint, immediate action may be taken, or a plan for future action may be developed in coordination with you.

Disruptive Behavior:

There are many forms behavior that may disrupt the businesslike atmosphere that FRPA strives to provide at any and all events/activities.  These may include but are not limited to

  • harassment for any reason, levied against any delegate, vendor, speaker, FRPA Staff, or venue staff;
  • discrimination of any kind levied against any delegate, vendor, speaker, FRPA Staff, or venue staff;
  • inappropriate language targeting any delegate, vendor, speaker, FRPA Staff, or venue staff;
  • inappropriate language during an educational session or at any time during the course of the event/activity;
  • hosting any gathering individually while attending an FRPA event/activity which disrupts other delegates or venue guests, whether in a public space or in the confines of your sleeping room;
  • failure to comply with local, state, and federal laws, and activities;
  • any and all activities that, in the opinion of venue security or FRPA, endanger yourself or others.

A Word of Caution:

At no time should a participant at an event/activity place themselves in danger by interceding in an incident.  Regardless of any training you may have had, it is best to immediately notify the FRPA Representative so that the Association process can commence and be followed in order to protect all parties involved. 


Should you be party to a concern/complaint during an FRPA event/activity, the Association will take quick action to resolve the concern/complaint.  Said action will include consideration of the reporting party(ies).

After a concern/complaint has been communicated to Association officials:

  • The reporting party will provide their concern/complaint to the FRPA Chief Executive Officer who will engage the FRPA Board of Directors.
  • Priority will be to immediately alleviate any concern of the reporting party for their individual safety.
  • Once all parties are safe, a plan will be developed to discharge action based on the conduct policy of the Association. It should be noted that not every potential incident can be predicted or planned for, therefore the Association reserves the right to discharge action on a case by case basis, in a consistent manner, and after conferring with Association legal counsel.

Action may include but is not limited to:

  • Any physical contact between any participant in an event/activity will result in immediate removal of all parties from the event/activity. Law Enforcement or venue security may be engaged, and if at such time as they are engaged, the Association will yield to them to handle any incident that involves local, state, or federal laws.  The Association may also choose to notify the participant’s employer should the action indicate the need to prohibit the individual from returning to the event/activity or future events/activities.
  • Concerns/Complaints of harassment, discrimination or inappropriate language may be handled with swift action or may be handled post event/activity. Action may include but is not limited to: removal as a participant from the event/activity; counseling on the action which caused the complaint to be brought forward; barring from future speaking or vendor engagements with the Association; or notification of the individual’s employer.

Should Law Enforcement or Venue Security Become Involved

FRPA will never intervene in incidents where law enforcement authorities or venue security have become involved and will assist the appropriate authorities to the extent that we can in investigating any complaint.  As part of our agreements with host venues, we ask to be notified when law enforcement or security become involved, and will commence our process on receipt of the report of the law enforcement agency or venue security.

FRPA communicates our policies on conduct to hotel venues for large Association events.  Where possible, it is asked that the venue security yield to our policies unless their policy is more stringent.  If the venue has stricter requirements, the venue security policy will supersede FRPA policy.

A Final Word:
The Florida Recreation and Park Association remains committed to providing a safe environment at all of our events/activities.  Of paramount importance is that each participant recognizes the diverse nature of our participants and members at any Association event/activity, and commits to interacting in a respectful manner with fellow participants.  The FRPA Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the Association, its assets, and you as members.  This document is meant to provide you with clear information on how to voice a concern/complaint and what you can expect from FRPA once that occurs.  Should you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the FRPA offices. We are here to work through any concerns you may have as you participate in FRPA events and activities.