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Webinar - Drama Queens

Jim Barnes, Assistant Village Manager, Village of Wellington
Do you ever have to deal with giant egos, or blamers, or people who find drama in every little thing? Do you have to work with anyone who always sees the negative in any situation? Or someone who is hyper-sensitive and always gets their feelings hurt? Sadly, not every person in an organization is nice, pleasant, and easy-going. So you’ve got to know how to manage and understand difficult personalities. In this session, we’ll identify how to deal with giant egos, blamers, finger-pointers, drama queens and kings, as well as negative and overly sensitive people.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will learn how to contain negativity and even start to turn negative people positive by debunking the irrational thoughts that drive their negativity.
2. Participants will behind the drama queen and king is a desperate cry for attention, understand a specific script for reducing the drama while turning these kings and queens into more rational and responsible adults.
3. Participants will the blame game is time-consuming and destructive, master a script to quickly stop the finger-pointing and make this person and positive contributor to the team.

0.1 CEUs

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