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Webinar - Investing in Me

Regina Novak, Health Educator & Financial Coach
RCM Financial Coaching

Self-care is not selfish-it is essential. We may be called to serve others, but if we do not first serve ourselves, our health and wellbeing suffers. This impacts us, our close relationships and the people we serve. In this virtual education session, we will explore how to truly care for our total self and grow into the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and describe what true wellbeing entails and how our mental health impacts every other area of wellbeing.
  • Explore myths surrounding self-care, mental health and wellbeing and how we can bust these myths to support ourselves, our colleagues and the people we serve.
  • Discuss the consequences of not investing in ourselves, how to check in regularly with ourselves to assess “how we are” and discover ways we can intentionally plan self-care into our daily lives.

About Regina Novak:

Regina Novak is the founder of RCM Financial Coaching. She is a health educator, financial coach, swim lesson instructor, mom of two, and lover of nature and the outdoors. She believes that organizations thrive and serve their communities best when the teams are healthy and united around a common purpose. Regina is especially interested in the psychology of behavior change and how people can grow and change with the right motivation, mindset and behaviors aligned with their overall life goals. She is committed to helping others grow and flourish and continues her own mission to grow and thrive and live her best life possible. Regina works with employer groups to help support their wellbeing and engagement strategy.

.1 CEUs

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