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Webinar - Stoicism x Resiliency

Matt David, Operations Manager & Project Consultant
Farrell Buller, Principal Consultant - Cost Recovery & Change Management

“Stoicism is not so much an ethic as it is a paradoxical recipe for happiness.” While this quote from Historian and fellow Stoic Paul Veyne can certainly be true, this virtual education session will focus on an amendment to this statement - how stoicism can be a paradoxical recipe for resiliency. Participants will learn how and why practicing principles of stoicism has the potential to help address external variabilities (i.e., what’s out of our control) by learning to first turn inward and focus on our mindset (i.e., what’s within our control); and by doing so, we have the chance to become more resilient. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define what stoicism is and provide a brief history of its philosophy 
  • Learn basic principles of stoicism and how they can help build resiliency
  • Participate in thought-provoking exercises to discover the 'stoic' within  

.1 CEUs

Non-Member Price: $25
Member Price: $20