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Webinar - Best Practices - Out of School Time

Jennifer McMahon, CPRP
Krista Pincince, CPRP 
This series of educational sessions focus on best practices within the five areas of child care.  Whether your agency maintains licensed after school programs or not, in these sessions you will find best practices that can be implemented in after school and summer camp programs. 

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will list records that should be maintained on participants. 
2. Participants will discuss accident reporting and drills for fire and evacuation.
3. Participants will identify facility records to be maintained and length of time to maintain. 
4. Participants will identify the types of inspections that you should have.
5. Participants will identify facility safety concerns including fencing and evacuation plans.                              6. Participants will discuss the best practices for first aid kits.  
7. Participants will identify what should be included in a parent handbook.   
8. Participants will learn about forms that should be utilized and maintained.   
9. Participants will discuss securing forms with personal information included. 
10. Participants will identify appropriate child/staff ratios for general program and field trips. 
11. Participants will discuss transportation and needs for driver, vehicle, and documentation. 
12. Participants will discuss food handling best practices. Identify what documentation should be maintained on program staff. 
13. Participants will identify training that is best for personnel working in after school or summer camp programs. 
14. Participants will discuss available credentials for personnel working in after school programs.

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