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Webinar - The Economy of Experience


Kirsten Barnes
Let’s face it: the days of being the sole recreation provider, only aquatic facility, or even the low-cost rental space in our communities have gone away.  As we navigate the reality of competition in the marketplace, creating “WOW” experiences for active and passive users at both paid and free events can be the most impactful, and often cost-effective, way to further secure the position of your department as a leader in the community.  Learn no-cost and low-cost ways to drive great experiences for every user to build your bottom line!

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will d
efine the “Economy Experience” broadly and how it applies to your department.
2. Participants will identify opportunities to leverage daily guest interactions to provide memorable experiences.
3. Participants will outline a plan to create “wow” experiences in programs and at events.          
0.2 CEUs

Price: $20

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